Rendering and Transpilation

When UIX is used as a fullstack framework, HTML pages are automatically rendered for all routes. The HTML contains script and style dependencies, import maps and metadata.

Typescript and SCSS files are automatically served as transpiled JavaScript/CSS files.

This chapter provides some background knowledge regarding rendering and transpilation, which is not required for using UIX.

Module Preloading

UIX recursively resolves the dependencies in the module tree and adds them as "modulepreload" links (<link rel="modulepreload" href="...">) to rendered HTML pages. This can significantly decrease loading times, especially for initial loads when modules are not available in the browser cache.

Static (import x from "y") and dynamic imports (await import("y")), as well as datex.get imports are resolved.

The following URLs are excluded from module preloading per default:

  • URLs that are explicitely imported as type modules (import type {} from "modules.ts")
  • NPM modules (identifiers starting with npm:, eg. import x from "npm:...")
  • Deno.land modules (starting with https://deno.land/)

In dynamic import statements, preloading can be disabled by adding a /*lazy*/ comment after the module specifier:

const preloadedModule    = await import("./module-a.ts")
const notPreloadedModule = await import("./module-b.ts" /*lazy*/)

Module preloading can be completely disabled by setting preload_dependencies: false in the app.dx configuration file.

Transpilation and Minification

UIX transpiles and minifies each TypeScript module individually. Modules are not bundled.

You can disable minification by setting minify_js: false in the app.dx configuration file.

Source Maps

Source maps are enabled for the dev stage per default and disabled for other stages. You can explicitly enable or disable source maps by setting the source_maps configuration option in the app.dx file.

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